Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Braille Harambee

Paul Polman – Unilever CEO & President of the Board will be hosting a fundraising event on June 24th, 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya that seeks to raise funds to partially fill the current gap of 800 braille machines that cost of $800 per unit, in order to realize the desired goal of 1:1 ratio of machine to child.   Paul is a renowned champion of sustainability and is passionate about the advancement of literacy among the visually impaired with a focus on Africa, particularly school going children.   In Kenya, 45,000 children live with visual impairment, but only 7,000 have access to quality education.  The current ratio of braille machine to child is 1 to 3 and this poses a challenge to their access and quality of their education. Through its program, KBTA has to date provided access to 650 new braille machines reaching over 20,000 children and trained 170 braille machine technicians across Africa.   KBTA is a Kenyan registered charitable trust and we would be honoured by your presence on the day and invite you to join us in this noble cause called #MyVision. 


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